Alhamdulillah, we have already stepped into the Year 2016. Since we’re still in the first week of the New Year, I think it’s not too late to recap how wonderful 2015 has been (well, at least to me). So here goes, the list of 10 things I love about 2015 (in no chronological order) :

  1. Alive!
    Alhamdulillah, still given the chance to cherish beautiful moments of one whole year with our small (but growing, insya Allah) family. I’m always blessed with wonderful husband, and brilliant Missy N.
  2. Sewing Project(s)
    Yerp! I’ve started to (slowly) de-stashing (is there such word?) my fabric collections to good use. More DIY projects coming in I reckon in the year 2016. Insya Allah!
  3. Kitchen Impossible Project (inspired by : Restaurant Impossible)
    Uh-oh. Not so impossible anymore! We’ve finally received the quotation to revamp our tiny kitchen. Who knows the process from getting the quotation to the actual hacking actually takes a year! Still waiting for the project to start, but hey, at least we’re excited with the new plan!
  4. Kak N first pre of pre-school
    For just 2 months! She seems to like school very much. Apparently it’s not too fun to play at home with boring mommy like me, huh? We were so happy she could adapt with her new friends quickly. Even though it’s only for 2 months, I guess it’s a good start for her new kindy-environment this year.
  5. I own my very first Magic Pan – Cooking skill level-up!
    Yeahh! A must in all kitchen, I must say. Have yet to explore all the functions, but loving this one at the moment. Can’t wait to cook more once the ‘Kitchen Impossible Project’ is completed!
  6. The kick start of our very Clean House Project (inspired by : Clean House)
    Obviously we love what we watch on TV and would like to make our own (kinda) TV Show too! We know what ‘Clean House‘ is all about. (click the link if you don’t!) So we’ve planned for quite a while to throw away/sell off/get rid of our ‘treasures’/’precious items’…or to make things easier — junks. And Alhamdulillah, finally Le Dad has managed to donate huge bags of old clothings for charity. The spot was not very far from our home, and I promise we’ll pay a regular visit this year. Hoard-no-more!
  7. Offline Bazaars
    Of course, me & partner-in-crime have joined multiple Bazaars this year to promote local handmade stuffs. It was fun, tiring, challenging and all in between! Most importantly, we can’t wait to continue our handmade journey together this year! Weehee~
  8. I’ve graduated!
    Like, finally~ Yawn. But, yeah. I once again walked up that stage to receive my scroll … exactly 4 weeks before my due date. Owh, did I forget to mention? The next thing I love about 2015 …
  9. It’s positive!
    …is the news of N becoming Kak N. Alhamdulillah, I was mostly happy that N finally has someone to play with after 4 years of being our little baby. She still is, though. ^_^ The 9-month journey, was a smooth one. No morning sickness, just that I’ve taken a good time off from the kitchen. Being as lazy as a pregnant lady could be. Am so blessed to have a very understanding and patient husband. Kak N was being very supportive and excited too of the news!
  10. The arrival of Baby A – and E, F, K, M, N …
    “Here comes the son, doodoododooo…”. Got it, the song? Ugh never mind. Baby A decided to make early appearance at the 38th week, and Alhamdulillah once again, a smooth delivery for me. 4 years was definitely a long time, too long that I almost forgot how to breathe ‘oohh oohh ahhh’ in the labour room. But so glad that everything went well. What’s more precious, his born day is a day after mine. Yeay, huge cake (for me?) for this year’s birthday celebration! Also, we’re sooo BFF that we HAVE to have babies in the same year! My 2nd born is just 2 months apart from Pomps’ first born. How cool is that? And of course there are many cute newborns this year too that we’re so happy to enjoy & celebrate.Babies are such miracles, they can make you feel joyful and sluggish at the same time — and still they look adorable. :*

And yeah, that’s about it of the 10 things I (mostly) love about 2015. Of course, there are many other wonderful occasions that have happened, and I pray to continue happening into our life. My wish for 2016 is to have a good health and great time to spend with my beautiful family and hopefully everyone else is going to enjoy 2016 as well.

Hey, there’s one whole year to go. Let the fun begin!