We are new parents. When I was still pregnant, we don’t really know what to buy for the baby. Besides getting information from friends, I also installed this apps called My Pregnancy Today by Baby Center. It helped heap ! And now that my daughter is born, it converts automatically to My Baby Today  so you will get info n tips on your baby development etc.
1 thing about my baby that ‘amazes’ husband & I is during putting her clothes on.
We do not have problems when changing her diapers, or wrapping the barut around her belly. But when it comes to putting her clothes on, she starts to cry.
She gets really annoyed.
Dearest Pomp bought her 2 cute rompers with front buttons. Oh jolly how I am glad to have those as she doesn’t cry at all when we 1st put ’em on.
So now we know she doesn’t like anything that goes through her head. (Well, most of the times 😛 )

I know this could be unimportant but it sure is a good tips to me.
Buy more clothes that has front button  for your babies ok new mommies 🙂

My fav romper so far 🙂