Being a first time mom (and a kiasu 1 I must say :P), I really having trouble packing my baby’s stuff. It was the long holiday, and we decided to visit both of our parents’s hometown. Honestly, I felt like bringing the whole house! After checking out most of my lists (phew!), we managed to pack everything inside the car haha.
1 of the things that worry me was the bed bugs. The hometown was not at all posh I tell ya. We have a newborn kapok (kekabu) mattress but it will be bulky to carry. This is when the puff quilt comes in handy!
1) It is not bulky at all! Definitely can fit in your car (it sure fit in our small car)
2) Very easy to carry. You can even carry ’em with 1 finger (Im not kidding here!)
3) You don’t need the muscle to carry this one. It is very light!
4) From the experience, I can tell that baby girl is very comfy lying on the puff quilt. She falls deep in slumberland without difficulties.
5) The size is perfect for my baby

There you go! I absolutely  love this puff quilt. It comes with a baby pillow and a carrier bag.
Very convenient to travel with!