Awful smelly mosquito patches, are  what all the stores are offering to us!

I’ve tried them all to protect my precious little baby boo. Now I have found the BEST SOLUTION EVA! And since I’m luvin’ it so much from it’s soothing heavenly smell, I’ve decided to become an authorized reseller, and it’s on our website now for everyone! Yayy!!

Living in this tropical climate country, we can’t really escapes the insects. We just have to live with it *sadly*. The most irritating by far is the MOSQUITOES!

Having a kid now, I get even more worried. It troubles me to see my little boo keep scratching her skin which later on will leave nasty scar. Worst is, when she can’t sleep at night, crying for her itchy-ness!

Did you remember the outbreak of the Zika Virus early this year? That gave outrageous fear in me, I mean,  who doesn’t, right?  We bought mosquito nets, mosquito repellent, smelly mosquito patches and many more as extra protections.

But , when we go travel, it will be a hustle to bring the net everywhere. And dear husband doesn’t like the smell of the lemon grass which is widely used as the main ingredients for the repellent / patches.

Then we came across the awesome Super Organic Mozzy Cream by Mini Me!

1) The smell is very fragrant as it uses chamomile oil. Hubs is the most happy about this factor 😛

2) It’s organic! Perfect to use on our little baby.

3) Super travel-friendly. It can fit in my handbag which is very handy! mozzy handbag

If you wish to know more on this awesome product, do hope on our website . The price is affordable, perfect companion for your baby 😉

p/s: Since I am an outdoor-sy person, this product is perfect for me to 😀 Yes! Adults can use it too obviously moms & dads!!